Wednesday, 18 February 2015


We have been terribly remiss lately and this, early in February, is our first walk of the year. Family and weather have been against us whenever we have hoped to get out so despite the murkiness of the day we are quite determined.

The fog is blanketing a huge area today and both of us find the driving conditions quite a challenge. Eventually we manage to find each other and park at the side of the A57 next to Ladybower. Because of the weather we are realistic enough to rule out anything more adventurous than a stroll around the reservoir, but it is still good to be out.

The walk is too familiar and too well documented on our blog to make it necessary to record it in detail, but suffice to say that the path on the side of the reservoir is still under snow and ice which makes walking quite tricky in places. The fog makes the landscape seem very Arthurian and you could half imagine a hand grasping Excalibur sinking beneath the water.

Such imaginings keep us amused, along with an almost constant dialogue as so much has been happening since we last saw each other.

It is a relief to reach Fairholmes where the ducks cluster around the café and the ground isn't frozen sheets of ice. We decide not to stop here for lunch (although we are tempted) but carry on around the reservoir. By now the fog is clearing and on the other 'sunny' side of the water it is hard to believe that the morning has been so murky.

We see the first snowdrops pushing their way up to the light, and a number of Canada geese. There are a few walkers, but not many.

Eventually we find a bench to sit on, much further than we had intended, and prepare for a late lunch accompanied by two hopeful ducks. We have a nip of Ramblers to warm us up, then some spiced vanilla coffee before our sandwiches. The female duck takes exception to our not feeding her and actually flies up to try to grab food as we eat. She is shooed off but returns and keeps eyeing us hopefully.

Bun today is the wonderful spice apple fresh cream muffins. They are a winter speciality so it makes sense to have them while they are available. Suitably fed we drink a second coffee and linger, despite the chill, as we don't have far to go now.

At last, though, it becomes too cold to sit for much longer so we set off for the last stretch to the cars. It is surprising how clear the skies are now, although there are some darker clouds hovering on the horizon and we still have time to have a chat in our cars before heading home.

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