Sunday, 19 October 2014


We planned this walk with high hopes of good weather, only to have them dashed as the early morning rain beat on the windows and the wind threatened to gust at dangerous levels high up. So, as we meet up in Edale Car Park we discuss a last minute change of plans. Our original idea of Rushup Edge is dismissed as we study the glowering clouds, and instead we choose a low level circuit instead.

We move from the Edale Car Park and drive a short distance down the valley to Barber Booth, cross the bridge then turn right onto the small, single track road towards Upper Booth. About half way there we find the spacious, free car park, with not another car in sight.

Naturally we put on our waterproofs straight away. Although he rain has stopped for now we it would be too easy to get a soaking.

This is a walk we have done before, so it is relative familiar, but the views are still good and despite our constant chatter of last week we still have gossip to catch up on.

We walk along the road, and at Upper Booth turn into the farm yard, following the path right then left. A curious horse watches us from over the farm gate.

Mollie finds a discarded ball to play with so she is in her element for a while although she does expect us to play with her.

 For now she can have a brief spell off the lead, this part of the track is fenced in, but as soon as we reach the next gate she is back on the lead - the ball comes too.

This part of the walk follows the Pennine Way all the way under Broadlee Bank Tor and gives excellent views across the valley of the Great Ridge. We stop for a nip from the flask, then finding a poetical bench we sit a while to eat the first of the buns and have a coffee. Yes, multiple buns today, although they are very small. A small Chelsea Bun each and a cup of coffee has us ready to go.

It is very quick walking today and we are soon walking along the track to Grindsbrook Booth. It is lunch time so we make a decision to head towards Grindsbrook where, hopefully, there will be a suitable stopping spot.

Sure enough, once we have cross the bridge over Grinds Brook and climbed up the other side we see another poetic bench next to a stone barn. The barn provides a perfect back rest and the bench saves us having to sit on the damp floor.

As we eat a couple of troupes of school children pass us, no doubt on their Geography field trips for their GCSEs. Lunch is followed by the remaining buns: a small Belgian bun and - saving the best for last - a cinnamon bun. They may not be large but they are certainly tasty.

With lunch over we are reluctant to head for the road as a way back, so we decide to take the footpath beside the post office and caravan site. Neither of us have been on this before but we find that it is quite clearly marked and easy to follow.

There are a lot of sheep in the various fields that we cross, and some of them look as though they may be rare breeds. We recognise the Jacob sheep, but not the ones that look like woolley brown teddy bears.

Eventually we cross the railway line and the last part of the track leads us into Barber Booth. Once through the hamlet we only have to walk on the road a few paces before we are on the narrow lane towards the cars.

Despite it being a 'make-do' walk today it has turned out to be a very pleasant one. And the rain held off too, which always makes things better.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

AND WE'RE BACK - Once Again Round Ladybower

We have been absent for far too long but nothing in life is simple and we have both been caught up with other things:             PC has been away sailing in warmer climes (I am not jealous, honest!) whereas I have been dealing with family health issues which have kept me close to home. But now we are reunited and are raring to get out.

Of course, the long lapse has meant that we are not fully trusting of our fitness so we decide on the simple, but no less pleasant, circuit of Ladybower which eases us into the walking gently whilst giving us ample opportunity to catch up. We have a lot of catching up to do!

We have picked a gorgeous day, one of those special autumn days where the sky is clear and the chilly start soon turns unseasonably warm. The air is full of the ripe scents of pine trees and leaf mould yet the ground is firm underfoot with the only damp coming from a heavy dew rather than rain.

Mollie is delighted to be out again, and we set off walking around the reservoir with little pause for breath - there is so much catching up to do.

We have been here so often that a description is hardly necessary, although PCs lovely photos manage to do justice to the day as well as showing how low the reservoir is.

Suffice to say that we did have our buns, this time they were wonderful white chocolate and raspberry muffins - soft, moist, melt in the mouth and fantastic accompanied by coffee and a view across a sunlit reservoir. Fantastic.

Plenty of people were out, we couldn't blame them, but it did mean that we missed our usual semi-solitude, although to be fair we talked so much that we barely noticed the hoards of ramblers.

We took our time, we paused often to enjoy the views, and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. And the great thing is that we should be able to be out walking again next week too.