Sunday, 12 October 2014

AND WE'RE BACK - Once Again Round Ladybower

We have been absent for far too long but nothing in life is simple and we have both been caught up with other things:             PC has been away sailing in warmer climes (I am not jealous, honest!) whereas I have been dealing with family health issues which have kept me close to home. But now we are reunited and are raring to get out.

Of course, the long lapse has meant that we are not fully trusting of our fitness so we decide on the simple, but no less pleasant, circuit of Ladybower which eases us into the walking gently whilst giving us ample opportunity to catch up. We have a lot of catching up to do!

We have picked a gorgeous day, one of those special autumn days where the sky is clear and the chilly start soon turns unseasonably warm. The air is full of the ripe scents of pine trees and leaf mould yet the ground is firm underfoot with the only damp coming from a heavy dew rather than rain.

Mollie is delighted to be out again, and we set off walking around the reservoir with little pause for breath - there is so much catching up to do.

We have been here so often that a description is hardly necessary, although PCs lovely photos manage to do justice to the day as well as showing how low the reservoir is.

Suffice to say that we did have our buns, this time they were wonderful white chocolate and raspberry muffins - soft, moist, melt in the mouth and fantastic accompanied by coffee and a view across a sunlit reservoir. Fantastic.

Plenty of people were out, we couldn't blame them, but it did mean that we missed our usual semi-solitude, although to be fair we talked so much that we barely noticed the hoards of ramblers.

We took our time, we paused often to enjoy the views, and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. And the great thing is that we should be able to be out walking again next week too.

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